The return of Ospreys to Scotland is one of the outstanding conservation good news stories in the UK. Since the first pair returned to breed at Loch Garten 50 years ago, ospreys have become an established part of the spring and summer scenery; especially in the Cairngorms National Park.

The Rothiemurchus estate has a proud history in the conservation of ospreys. Before the species succumbed to persecution at the beginning of the 20th Century the Rothiemurchus Estate was one of the last areas where the birds were appreciated and protected. The Estate is building on this fine history today by actively supporting and encouraging the iconic Scottish ospreys.

Young ospreys need to eat a lot of fish to build the strength to survive in the nest and migrate to Africa. It is the job of the male adults to feed both the chicks and their mothers during this critical summer period. The Rothiemurchus estate actively encourages the birds to fish at the lochs around the estate fish farm near Aviemore. This helps ensure the young birds always have enough to eat, even when fishing is difficult at other locations.

One benefit of this policy is that Rothiemurchus is one of the best locations anywhere to watch and photograph fishing ospreys. All the images here were taken on the Rothiemurchus Estate.

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