In this gallery I post some of the photos I like most and mean more to me. I also post some of my more recently taken photos in my “recent photos gallery”.

May 2018, two weeks of sun on North Uist, more here

March 2018, The migration is in the south of the Serengeti, I have added a few images especially of normally well hidden Leopard cubs.

April 2016, The brown hares are much more obvious as the days grow longer and male pheasants are displaying. March in Suffolk, as the days grow longer barn owls and brown hares are easier to see in the morning and evening. Just back from Skye and Cairngorm NP watching otters, red deer and crested tits. lots more images at the link. 

September has arrived, I have started a new gallery for Autumn hares, follow the link;

Have added a gallery from Burghley Horse trials, action from a seriously big cross country course. For more see the gallery.

Late July, Roe Buck in wheat at dawn It has been a very good year for Barn owls, lots of hunting for the young owls. Early July 2014 Silver-washed Fritillary are out and about! J

une 19th 2014 – Barn owls are working hard at Halls Farm and Little Haugh farm to feed their rapidly growing young.

April 27th, Spring Hares are still active, the close up hare photos were taken this morning at Halls farm. The Hares were still wet with dew follow the rain the day before.

April 13th and the winter wheat is growing fast, the latest hare photos were taken at sunset, a week later and I think the wheat will be too high. It is getting near the end of February, Hares are starting their spring behaviour, these photos were taken at Halls farm Norton on a very welcome sunny morning. The Kestrel images were taken in a Suffolk farm yard. There is lots of food for her and she is used to people in the yard and hunts there every morning. Pine Marten are becoming increasingly easy to see, the animal below comes to see if there is any food nearly every evening in the Cairngorm NP. Otters are not so easy to see in the summer, but they can be spotted in the rivers of south Norfolk. The latest image was taken early morning 5th July near Thetford. At the moment there are several images of otters taken in the rivers that flow in and out of Thetford, more Otter images can be found in the following Galleries: Otters in the Norfolk Landscape Otters west coast Scotland and Hebrides I have also been out in the evening watching Hares, there are two photos below. More Brown hare images can be found here: Hares in the Suffolk Landscape