Brown Hares, seasons at Norton Suffolk Archive

Brown hare sitting and turning sideways in snow. February Suffolk. Lepus europaeus

Hares living through a long winter

Wet Brown hare moving in before dawn. September Suffolk. Lepus europaeus

September Hares

Brown Hare leveret sitting in evening sun. August Suffolk. Lepus europaeus

Brown hare leverets

Brown Hare running on stubble at twilight . August Suffolk. Lepus europaeus

Harvest Hares

In August as cereal crops are harvested brown hares become far more visible. The day length is still quite long and I am able to watch and photograph them early morning and at sunset. At Norton they like the wide field margins and the specially planted wildlife and game strips .


Brown Hare backlit by evening sun. August Suffolk. Lepus europaeus

Twilight Hares

Brown hares become active as the sun sets and rises. I see much more interesting behaviour and interaction in the “twilight zone” The latest cameras are able to work in near darkness allowing me to photograph hares at the times they are most relaxed and confident.

Brown Hare running the bend through grass. July evening Suffolk. Lepus europaeus

Brown Hares intimate at dawn and dusk

Brown hares come out to feed and socialise early morning and evening, summer is the best time to watch them. The hares at Norton have started to get used to me and will often come very close, here are some of my favourite moments.

Summer Hares summer weather

The brown hares that live round Norton Suffolk emerge from the hedges and long grass at dawn and dusk. These photographs represent their lives in low light and ever changing weather conditions.

Brown hare lerveret running and looking. Sunny August evening Suffolk Lepus europaeus

August hares close, August Suffolk

Brown hare stepping forward out wheat. Sunny July evening Suffolk Lepus europaeus

Brown Hares Summer 2016 Norton Suffolk

After a long cold spring Summer arrived and the long bright evening s has made the Brown hares easy to watch. There are many leverets and younger hares around , they spend a lot of time interacting and chasing each other.

Brown Hare jogging close face on, April evening Suffolk. Lepus europaeus

Spring Brown hares in action Norton 2016