Life and calving in the south Serengeti Archive

rosy breasted longclaw calling from thorn bush. Macronyx ameliae

Birds living at Ndutu

Cheetah mother and cub and flies on termite hill. Acinonyx jubatus

Climbing cats of Serengeti

Cheetah fly on nose. Acinonyx jubatus

Cheetah behaving in Serengeti

Honey badger pre dawn break from digging. Mellivora capensis

Honey badger pre dawn action

Honey Badgers are most active at night. I saw this pair at Ndutu an hour before sunrise, they retreated under ground before dawn.

Pre dawn cranes at Ndutu

Serengeti landscape

Young African Elephant being assertive. Loxodonta africana

Elephants in action

Lion with fresh lungs at dawn. Ndutu. Panthera leo

Ndutu Lions close and intimate

Serval cat sitting looking out. Leptailurus serval

Serval cats living round Ndutu

Lion cubs early morning investigation. Panthera leo

Young lion cubs discover Ndutu

Cheetah cub pair springing fight. Acinonyx jubatus

Cheetha cubs living & playing in the Serengeti