Tanzania March migration, life in close up Archive

In the start of March most Wildebeest and Zebra have started to move again after giving birth and most of the southern Serengeti is still green from the rains. The images in these galleries show life in close up for the animals that live in this area.

Wildebeest with skipping calf Connochaetes taurinus

Wildebeest constant migration

By March most wildebeest have had their calves, the rich grassland round Ndutu is eaten down to the ground. The wildebeest move on, constantly following the rains that make the grass grow. Early March this year they headed north towards the Naabi hill gate and the Gol Kopjes where the rain had come earlier that usual.

Young elephant splashing in water Loxodonta africana

Elephants calves and families

Elephants are often wary on first contact hiding their calves in the middle of the group. However, spending a few hours with a family especially when they are feeding or near water allows them to relax and behave less defensively. The calves and younger elephants come into the open and play

Lion covering her eyes at sunset Panthera leo

Lions close and intimate

When there is plenty of food lions spend most of their time resting and socialising in groups. When the wildebeest migration passes through their territory they are happy to take food from other predators or in this case  eat a dead elephant.

Zebra pair drinking and looking Equus quagga

Zebra Serengeti behaviour

Cheetah cub chases gazzell Acinonyx jubatus

Cheetha and cub close intimate action

Leopard cubs sits and waits alone Panthera pardus

Leopards and cubs intimate life

Seronera in the Serengeti is one of the best place to see Leopards and sometimes they reveal seldom seen young cubs

Giraffe twisting back Giraffa camelopardalis

Giraffe life up close