The Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Northern Tanzania is an excellent environment for Cheetah. Thomson’s gazelle and hares are resident year round on the open grassland and provide regular food for Cheetah. In addition, at the start of the year the wildebeest pause in the rich grassland to have their calves, this provides extra food for female cheetah hunting for their cubs.

During a 12 day period at the end of March we watched at least 36 different Cheetah. These are a few of the many hundreds of images taken during this period. We stayed at the excellent Ndutu Lodge and used Roy Safaris. The really outstanding guide working for Roy Safaris is the main reason we were able to share so much intimate time with the Cheetah’s you can see in the photographs here.

I planned and booked this safari direct with Roy Safaris based in Arusha Tanzania, we have used Roy Safaris to organize six safaris and totally recommend them. Roy Safaris are very experienced and give excellent advice when planning a safari. They deliver an outstanding service and experience not least because of their exceptional guides and well prepared vehicles.