Probably one of the best places in Africa to reliably see Leopards is the Seronera river valley in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Leopards use the large trees in the Seronera valley to rest during the day and avoid conflict with lions. Many animals have to come to the river to drink, leopards know this and the results of their hunts are commonly seen decorating the trees.

All the images on this page were taken in or near the Seronera valley in May 2006. Most of the photographs here focus on a leopard preparing to go hunting and were taken in the early evening as the sun was going down. We took many more images of leopards on this trip, please revisit this page to see new images.

Many thanks to Roy Safaris and their excellent guide!

I planned and booked this safari direct with Roy Safaris based in Arusha Tanzania, we have used Roy Safaris to organize six safaris and totally recommend them. Roy Safaris are very experienced and give excellent advice when planning a safari. They deliver an outstanding service and experience not least because of their exceptional guides and well prepared vehicles.