Deer in the British landscape Archive

Roe deer buck head low in grassy woodland. May Suffolk Capreolus

Roe deer May Suffolk

Roe Deer in bracken. Skye November.Capreolus capreolus

Roe deer Skye November

Red Deer turning to sun at dawn. November Cairngorm. Cervus elaphus

Red Deer Cairngorm winter dawn

Muntjac deer paused in dawn light. August Suffolk. Muntiacus reevsi

Muntjac deer dawn and dusk

Muntjac deer are common but secretive. I see them most frequently at dawn and dusk slipping out of hedges and at field edges. Muntjac are very shy and wary as most landowner try to control their numbers because of the damage done to crops and woodland.

Roe Deer in the British Landscape