Life in a sunny dry Suffolk spring Archive

Brown hare running close eyes look on field margin at sunset. July Suffolk. Lepus europaeus

Sunset Hares dry summer

Brown hare leaping midsummer dawn. June Suffolk. Lepus europaeus

Brown hares Suffolk spring early summer

Brown hare leveret wet with dawn dew. June Suffolk. Lepus europaeus

Brown hares living on a wildlife field in Suffolk

This field of two hectares is is set between woodland and an arable field this growing oil seed rape. It is cut back and reseeded every year and used by wildlife. Bees, butterflies and other insects feed on the flowers, birds and animals find food and cover through the autumn and winter. The hares photos in this post were taken from early spring to summer.

Roe deer buck head low in grassy woodland. May Suffolk Capreolus

Roe deer May Suffolk

Brown hare paused in sunny evening hedge, May Suffolk. Lepus europaeus

Brown hares in a dry Suffolk spring