International scientific conferences and congresses have become an essential way for researchers to present new work and have its validity tested by peers. Academic institutions and commercial organisations use conferences to attract attention, resources and key people. Medical conferences in particular have become more competitive, strenuous efforts are made to promote some areas of research and discredit others. There is an increasing use of adversarial methods to test research results and put pressure on speakers with scant regard to reputations.

Mike Rae has coached Key Opinion Leaders, Doctors and Scientists worldwide so they are able to present and communicate their work and ideas at competitive conferences and meetings. This coaching ensures;

• Key points of the research are identified

• Presentations are rigorously prepared

• Speakers practice presentations until they reach a high standard

• Visual aids are professionally produced so that an audience is able to see the key points quickly

• Possible questions and objections are identified and speakers practice answering them.

It is not enough to have good research and results. To get good research recognised it is vital to present it professionally and have the skill to defend results from rigorous attack.

Experienced Key Opinion Leaders now repeatedly practice their presentations out loud. They also ensure their Powerpoint presentations are of the highest possible standard. Very many of these opinion leaders regularly use trainers and coaches to make sure they are performing to the highest level. These speakers know there is a huge difference between delivering a 40 minute lecture in their home environment and giving a 15 minute presentation at a hostile international conference. They make sure they are fully prepared.