Making business ideas based on scientific research and new technology commercially successful is very challenging. Ideas and products need to be sold in a crowded market to sophisticated customers. Partnerships are often needed to develop concepts into commercial products. The communication strategies and skills needed to gain customers and partners are very different from the skills scientists and engineers are trained in and use to develop new concepts.

Mike Rae, MD of Impact, is successfully coaching scientists and researchers; enabling them to communicate and sell their ideas to potential business partners and customers and at international conferences.


Coaching focuses on:

• Ensuring you are focusing on the right organisations and key decision makers who have the power to buy your product or help you develop your ideas into a commercial product

• Identifying the key messages that focus on the needs of your audience and developing these messages into a presentation that will persuade them to take action

• Developing the communication skills you need to present and sell your products and ideas. This means you can practice, get constructive feedback and make your mistakes before meeting your customers

• Learning how to manage questions and objections from potential customers and partners so that you can drive your communication to a successful sale or partnership.

How it works

This coaching produces results, can be used to prepare for specific events (sales meetings etc) and is very cost effective. Coaching should start with a face-to-face meeting to evaluate your situation and objectives, start developing your messages and presentation and agree how to proceed.

Continued coaching is totally flexible depending on the support you need. It includes;
phone, video Skype screen sharing and email plus further face-to-face meetings.

Impact is currently providing this type of coaching to clients in Scandinavia, Europe and the US.