Presentation coaching develops your performance in four key areas:

  • Identifying key messages and structuring your presentation
  • Preparing effective visual aids and making best use of Power Point
  • Delivering presentations clearly using your own natural communication skills
  • Managing questions and objections to reinforce your message

There are advantages to coaching presentation skills in a group, these include; Practicing delivering your presentation in a realistic setting, cost saving compared to one to one coaching. A group coaching workshop can have up to six participants and last from one to three days.

Mike Rae Principle Consultant at Impact has built a reputation as a leading communication coach for medical doctors, the following is a brief explanation of why this is increasingly important.

Many academic institutions in the US and UK have long recognised the competitive nature of medical conferences and make sure their speakers are fully prepared;

• The key points of the research are identified

• Presentations are rigorously prepared

• Speakers are required to practice presentations until they reach a high standard

• Visual aids are professionally produced so that an audience is able to see the key points quickly

• Possible questions and objections are identified and speakers are required to practice answering them.

These institutions know that it is not enough to have good results. They know it is vital to present the results professionally and have the skill to defend them from rigorous attack.

Most Key Opinion Leaders now repeatedly practice their presentations out loud, they also ensure their power point presentations are of the highest possible standard. Very many of these opinion leaders regularly use trainers and coaches to make sure they are performing to the highest level. These speakers know there is a huge difference between delivering a 40 minute lecture in their home environment and giving a 15 minute presentation at a hostile international conference. They make sure they are fully prepared.